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Evolving the Art of Calligraphy with @seblester

To see more photos and videos of Seb’s daily calligraphy creations, follow @seblester on Instagram.

"I suppose there is a ‘letterform evangelist’ aspect to my Instagram account," says illustrator and calligrapher Seb Lester (@seblester), “but calligraphy has an immediacy, and most people seem to appreciate it on some level.”

"Learning calligraphy is a wonderful journey through history for me," Seb explains. "My work blends my knowledge of the ancient art of calligraphy with my knowledge of modern design and technology." Sharing through Instagram, Seb says, mirrors this blending of the old and new. "I think it’s an excellent example of how well this ancient art form can translate to the Internet."


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I Always Wonder… on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/76489437



Volvía en medio de la noche y pensaba en esta realidad espiralada, en este no-tiempo; realidad en la que giramos como todo gira, al igual que nuestro cuerpo siendo niño, parecido a como gira este Universo. 

Volvía en medio de la noche y era tanto el cielo arriba, que salvo algunas estrellas era todo nada ahí allá ayer…  Una por una nos salvan, nos recuerdan espirales

con un centro…                                                                                                                    …  lejos

y un destino,

el mismo

que las



Uno cuando va intuye, y reflexiona cuando vuelve…


I’ve been practicing copperplate the last couple of days so I made this, done with a Brause 361 nib.

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My bizarre linguistics addiction wants to lick this poster to suck up the wordnerd goodness.

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Hannah Murray in Wonderland Magazine.

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Object Art:1 is inspired by “Leaves”